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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have an MRI or CT scan before I see the doctor?

You do not need to have advanced imaging before you see the doctor. Dr. Alayan will evaluate you and determine what imaging is needed. However, if you already have any spine imaging such as Xrays, MRI or CT scan, please bring the CD with you along with any radiology reports that you might have.

Do I have to have surgery if I have a spine problem?

Not necessarily. Not every spine condition requires surgical intervention. Many spine problems can be treated non-operatively. Dr. Alayan will provide you with a thorough evaluation and further recommendations at the time of your visit.

Does Dr. Alayan only do surgery?

Dr. Alayan is specialized in the treatment of spinal conditions, both surgical and non-surgical. On many occasions, she evaluates, diagnoses and treats spinal problems without surgery. Dr. Alayan recommends surgery only if medically indicated.

I am not certain if my problem is spine related. Should I still see Dr. Alayan?

Yes, Dr. Alayan can evaluate you and determine if there is any spine involvement. Sometimes orthopedic conditions can manifest themselves as spinal problems or spinal problems can manifest as other ailments. Dr. Alayan can evaluate your condition and direct you to the right treatment path.

Can I get a second opinion with Dr. Alayan?

If you chose to get a second opinion, Dr. Alayan would be happy to evaluate you and provide you with her professional opinion. Obtaining multiple opinions before a big decision involving your treatment or surgery can be valuable to many patients. 

At which hospitals does Dr. Alayan perform surgeries?

Dr. Alayan has privileges at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Glendale Adventist Medical Center and Glendale Memorial Hospital. 

Does Dr. Alayan perform only minimally invasive surgery (MIS)?

Dr. Alayan performs both minimally invasive surgeries and traditional spine surgeries. Based on your condition and thorough evaluation, she will recommend the most appropriate procedure for you if surgery is needed.

What insurances does the doctor accept?

We accept Medicare and several different commercial insurance plans to cover your treatment expenses. Additionally, out-of-network and self-pay options are also available. For more information about insurances that we accept and our payment options, please contact our office directly.